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Joyce and Ana went to the Annual International Car Show for the first time. See the pictures.


Happy Valentines Day from Ana & "Country Cupid" of radio station KRTY!

Joyce and Ana got to go to the Siebel Open, thanks to some tickets that became available at her office.

The night they were there, the players were Andre Agassi and James Blake. It was a great match!

When Joyce gets out of school in June, she will be graduating from the 8th grade. Here is her Spring picture in her graduation gown. (click the picture for the enlargement - suitable for framing!)


One good thing that has come out of Joyce's participation in the Flag/Spirit Team (besides strained shoulder and wrist muscles!) is that her cartwheels and round-offs have improved considerably. Look at the series of pictures we took one afternoon.

Also in March, the touring company of "Les Miserables" came to San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. The girls had to see it a second time, and this time they took a theatre friend with them who had, amazingly, never been to see it! What a marvelous performance. This musical never gets old.


Spring finally arrived and the congregation kids were happy to get out of the building and go for a much needed outing. Here they are at a local park, playing at the water's edge, and just generally horsing around. Too much fun!

After the outing, we had a surprise 40th birthday party for Kirsten, our leader's wife. When she's not busy with her 4 kids and the rest of the congregation, she likes to fill her spare time with dancing. So, of course her party would revolve around that ... because "Life is a dance!"


In May, we had the usual birthday celebration on the first Friday of the month; this month we had several kids celebrating their births, so we had a pinata to celebrate. See the pictures.

Ana stopped by the KRTY van during the promo for Boogie on the Bayou Fest where Indiana Al was dressed as a 'gator.

Our friend Ritchard, with whom we did the play Wizard of Oz in 2000, was doing another play, Studs Terkel's Working. We went to see him in this play where he portrayed among other things, the copy boy whom the editor had fired.

After losing Yoda last month, we only had Chewy and Spectre in the house. Janet worked with the folks at Nike Animal Rescue Foundation and got Jester, a year-old 'brother' for Spectre. See the pictures.

We gave a shower for our dear friends Dan and Henrietta who expect their new baby due in July. Here is a picture of  Joyce with them, as well as more pictures of the shower.
Joyce had one more picture taken at Valley Christian before she graduates. Here she is in the Spring portrait.


On June 7-8, we had a conference at our congregation that welcomed other Northern California congregations to a time of worship and fellowship. See the pictures of this special time here.

Joyce's graduation was on June 10th. Family and friends who joined them for the graduation and celebration dinner were: Nana and Gwen, Aunt BooBoo and Joel, Dan and Henrietta, Veda, Yochanan and Baby Yochanan, Beverly, Yvonne, and of course Mom.

It was an incredibly windy day, but the sun was out, and all 197 kids had a great ceremony. Here are all the pictures of the afternoon.

Another Graduation Present from Ana to Joyce was they went to see the touring production of the great Abba musical "Mamma Mia" -- what a great show ... a toe-tapper from start to finish!

Our household was joined by another animal ... her name is Pumpkin, and she was rescued as well. She's a little shy, but she's a real beauty. See the pictures.

Ana got two weeks of vacation at the end of June and beginning of July (this is the first time she's taken 2 consecutive weeks since her honeymoon in 1986!) For the first week, they drove down to San Diego, where they had great adventures going to Sea World, Coronado and Silver Strand Beaches, the SEAL Tour, Scripps Aquarium, the Aerospace Museum, San Diego Mission, as well as a tour around the campus of Univ. of California at San Diego. See all the pictures here.
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