Our Performances in
"The Wizard of Oz"

  Joyce and Ana had the opportunity to be in Joyce's first play together. An actor friend from church brought in a call sheet and suggested they should go try out. Out of 60 people who auditioned, they were two of 30 who made the cast.

This was Ana's first play in 20 years. After hearing the stories of all the on-stage and back-stage adventures her mom had, Joyce decided she wanted to see what all the fun was about. Not even the nervousness about auditioning in front of strangers was going to sway her from doing the play.

Hope you enjoy ... oh, and can you spot the girls in the picture above? Joyce is in the front row, third from the right; Ana is in the back row, fourth from the left, behind Uncle Henry.

(all stage photos by Erica Conners, professional photographer; backstage photos by ana)

  Joyce got to play two roles - her first was as the bragging munchkin who gets the whole song rolling by uttering those immortal words: "and oh, what happened then was rich!" Her most mystifying part during this role was as part of the human barrier between Dorothy and the audience as the ruby slippers "magically" appeared on her feet!  
Joyce's second role was as a poppy - you can see her (above) just above Dorothy's basket, behind the scarecrow. This was the scene where the witch cast her spell on the four friends by putting them to sleep in the poppy field. Glinda broke the spell by making it snow.

Ana appeared in the second act, just as Dorothy and her friends entered the Emerald City. When the guard offered them a place to spruce up, it was Ana and her beautician friends who made Dorothy into a Glamour Girl! ... "making a dimpled smile out of a frown."

Ana also performed in the orchestra pit with the other members of the Ladies Chorus, enchanting the audience with "heavenly," "eery" and "ominous" voices. That was always a challenge, with the costume changes, running up and down the stairs to the pit, watching out for Flying Monkeys ... and oh, did I mention the Evil Trees who threw apples at Dorothy and Scarecrow!
Ana's secondary role was as the Winkie (witch's guardsman) who stated to one and all "she's dead ... you've killed her!" after Dorothy douses the witch with a bucket of water. That scene is also known as the Yo-ee-oh scene.

Joyce's favorite performer (and that of most of our audiences!) was the cowardly lion. Film critics (okay, Ana's mom and Joyce) have even stated he was better than Bert Lahr! The lion is also an alumnus of Joyce's school. From such humble beginnings comes such greatness!

We had 15 performances over four weekends, and a tremendous opportunity to perform in a play together. Wish you could have been there.

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