Happy Holidays from the Flamingeaux

December, 1999


This has been a great year for us. Joyce is in 5th grade at Valley Christian Elementary, and Ana is in her 7th year at Hewlett-Packard. Ana quelled her aversion to driving this year and spent many hours and miles driving the west coast for various vacations. We hope you enjoy this online Christmas Letter, and hope that there will be many more Holiday Letters to follow.


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The gals started out the New Year getting a membership at the new Tech Museum which was a brainchild of, guess who, the guys who started it all here in Silicon Valley, Bill and Dave themselves, Mssrs. Hewlett and Packard, here seen taking a peek into "the garage." No this isn't them. But it's a cool mural at the museum that Joyce was resting next to and Ana thought it was a perfect photo op.

They loved the Tech soooo much, they went back again the next day!

Last August, Ana finally passed her 5-Year Anniversary at HP. It took her 11 years, but she finally got there! (It was the 5 years, 9 months at Motorola in the middle that really made accumulating 5 years between 1987 and 1998 tough.) During the January Anniversary Luncheon ceremony her current boss Gina -- the one she's supported for the last 3-1/2 years -- presented her with her 5-year Waterman Fountain Pen, and shared the story that "Ana shares her love of HP with her daughter, Joyce, who says when she grows up, she wants to jobshare with her mom." Joyce has certainly been a fixture around the office, and is beloved by all Ana's coworkers. (TOP)