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Soon after the new year, Joyce and Ana were back at the theater, this time trying out for Fiddler on the Roof. So many people were there trying out also! Their Fiddler luck ran the way it did the year before; they weren't selected. But they got to see alot of their friends from Joseph, and they committed to work on the technical crew for King & I. [I think these pictures were taken by the incomparable Jamee Skidmore who also took our Joseph pictures -- props for Jamee!!]

That was terrific fun, and even though Joyce came down with Mono and missed the first three weeks of school, she was healthy by Tech Week and was able to be a benefit to the show.


For the first time in 7 years, 10 months and a week, Ana moved from one cubicle to another at her job! The site move coordinator was certain it was very close to a site record for staying in one place! It was a challenge for Ana too. The first day in her new cube, she walked straight to the old cube and found it empty. 

Ana sent Joyce her very first Valentine flowers; after all, she is Ana's best Valentine! Right after that, Joyce spent the vacation of Presidents holiday week with her dad. She got some snowboarding in and came home with a little bit of a snow-burn. But she was fine enough to keep working on King & I which had two more weeks to go.  

Here is a picture of our friend Christina doing the fan dance for Anna & the students at the Royal Bangkok Academy.


The congregation celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim as usual, with costumes, masks & make-up, the reading of the Book of Esther in Hebrew and English, and yet another version of a PurimShpiel. This year's shpiel was based on the marvelous cartoons of Jay Ward, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairy Tales, and a few others. It was called "A Fractured Purim Tale."

Ana played the evil Haman's wife Zaresh ... with a twist ... she performed it as Natasha -- of Boris and Natasha from the Bullwinkle series. All agreed that all the characters were marvelously performed. 

Joyce had two roles in the adult play, as well as the repeat role of Vashti (she played it last year too) in the children's play [see picture]. Her roles in the adult play were as one of Haman and Zaresh's children, and as a potential suitor for the King when he was looking for a new queen. 


The gals also read two of the closing verses of Esther in Hebrew from the Megillah. What a blessing! (see more pictures)

Yochanan trying his first Hamentashen cookie -- he liked it! And his costume is that of Captain Archer in "Star Trek: Enterprise" - Ana's favorite character!

Joyce's French class at school had a Cafe Franšais night at her school, where they served us French food and performed in French and English. There were skits, and singing, as well as some wonderful comedy ... there was even a "murder" that a detective tried to solve.  Here are several pictures of the fun evening.
We were invited to go to one of the early-season San Jose Sabercats games one Sunday afternoon. After a round of mini-golf with friends, we joined family and their church friends downtown and caught the 'Cats'  55-35 crushing of the Colorado Crush. [see the pictures]

When they aren't on-stage or back-stage, the girls go to theatre to see their friends ... they saw their Joseph director Geri in Chorus Line, which was fantastic!

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